No. All homes at Harbor Heights are owner-occupied, and we do not allow homes to be rented.

At Harbor Heights, there is no homeowners association and no association fees. You do pay monthly lot rent.

Our monthly fee (lot rent) ranges from $420 to $450 per month.  Items included in the monthly fee:

  • The right to use your lot for your home
  • Real estate taxes on the land
  • Maintenance of the roadways
  • Maintenance of the utilities in the roads and the utility lines up to the home
  • Lawn mowing and maintenance of the common areas
  • Professional management
  • Snow plowing of the roads
  • Publishing of the monthly newsletter
  • Hosting the Harbor Heights web page
  • General advertising and marketing of the homes and community

Yes. The Village of Waterford taxes the assessed value of your home at the same mil rate as the village as a whole.

The tax on your home (also referred to as a Municipal Parking Fee) is paid monthly. This monthly amount is added to your lot rent and collected at the beginning of each month by Harbor Heights. Harbor Heights passes the taxes collected over to the Village each month.

Yes. Water, sewer, gas, electric, phone and cable are all separately metered and billed directly to the home owner.

Yes, Harbor Heights can provide you with a list of lenders that can quote you rates and terms for a loan on your home.

You are allowed to have pets at Harbor Heights and there is no extra charge.  We do require that you sign a Pet Agreement, and have the pet approved by Harbor Heights. Contact our office for breed restrictions and a sample of our Pet Agreement.

We currently allow street parking during the day, but no street parking is allowed overnight.

No. We provide an area free to residents for parking these types of recreational vehicles. They must be registered with the office, owned by the resident and properly licensed.

Please contact our office and we will mail or email you a copy of our lease.

Your lease includes several covenants to protect your investment in your home. These include the requirement that all tenants maintain their property and keep their yards neat and trimmed. Overnight on-street parking is not allowed. No more than 2 vehicles can be routinely parked in the driveway. You may not lease out your home. RV’s, boats and campers must be parked in the area designated for such vehicles, not in individual driveways. All decks and other additions must be first approved by Harbor Heights management, and must comply with all required building permits of the Village of Waterford. All residents must be registered and approved by Harbor Heights. Pets must be kept on leashes at all times when outdoors, and may not be left outside unattended.

A community of homes where you own you own home, and you lease the land.

Although Harbor Heights cuts the grass, the homeowner is responsible for trimming the grass around their homes, and keeping the plantings, bushes and trees around their home trimmed.

Each homeowner is responsible for removing snow from the driveways and walkways to their homes.  Many of our residents hire individual contractors to take care of this for them.

Harbor Heights is 100% filled, and we do not have room for additional homes.